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Mitzvah Projects

We are delighted that our younger congregants are working to improve our world. Here are their Mitzvah Projects:

As part of my bar mitzvah learning, I was fortunate to visit Emunah Sarah Herzog Children’s Center in Afula,* Israel this summer. The children there are just like us but in very difficult situations. Thankfully, Emunah's therapeutic & day care program provides services for 200 children; 5-18 yrs old, since 1949. How Can We Help?! Please forward the main link to your friends and family on social media! THEN JOIN ME at for as little as $10. No event to interrupt your day, no collection to send you to the store..
--Select Emunah Afulah during the quick registration;
--Proceeds go to charity while you play and win cash following the U.S. NFL!!

--Register to Play Weekly from Sept Dec, alone or with friends.

OR GIVE OUTRIGHT to if gaming doesn't interest you.

Dear Congregation Or Tzion Members,
On May 20th, I became a Bat Mitzvah. For my mitzvah project, I will be making a congregation wide cookbook. I would like to include as many recipes from Or Tzion congregants and other members of the Jewish community as I can. I plan on donating the proceeds from the cookbook sales to The National Organization of Women. I chose this foundation because I feel very strongly about equal rights for women. I hope you choose to participate in my Mitzvah Project. You can email recipes to my mom, Kim Green, at, by August 1st. If you like, please include a story about the recipe, or about the strong woman who gave you the recipe.

Thank you for your consideration!
Yours truly,
Malerie Green



Sun, March 18 2018 2 Nisan 5778