COVID-19 Update

July 1, 2020 / 9 Tammuz, 5780
On behalf of our entire Covid preparedness team, we would like to share a brief update.  In early May, we communicated with you our plan to cautiously and gradually begin to reopen our doors.  However, we made the difficult decision to delay those plans after Arizona reopened the state on May 15th, due to the potential for a significant increase in cases.  Unfortunately, 6 weeks later, our concerns have been validated and we are now facing an exponential spread of coronavirus in Arizona, receiving national coverage as one of the states with the fastest increase in cases.  Our healthcare system is under enormous strain with limited resources to deal with the present surge.
We recognize that this has been an extraordinarily difficult time on many levels.  We all want to be back together, as we struggle to heal from the recent loss of our beloved Rabbi Caplan z”l.  Many of you have asked when we will allow small groups of congregants to start returning to the synagogue.  While we wish that we could provide you with a set date, we are only able to say at this time that we are not yet ready.  Our highest priority remains the health and safety of our community.  
For the present time, we ask that all of you continue to socially distance yourselves, wear masks in public, and avoid public social gatherings.  Remember to wash your hands frequently, use sanitizer if you are unable to wash with soap and water, and refrain from touching your face.  Please help support your healthcare teams by encouraging your friends, family, and colleagues to do the same.  
We know that you are all waiting for an update regarding High Holidays.  Our planning committee, led by Frank Lange, Ritual Vice President, is hard at work establishing an approach that will allow us to experience spiritual, and meaningful High Holy Days this fall.  Further updates will be forthcoming.
For those of you awaiting information regarding plans for reopening the Roz Goodell Religious School, please know that Rabbi Zari Sussman is hard at work with our staff and the entire education committee developing the necessary protocols to allow us to provide the highest quality programming while ensuring the safety and well-being of our community.  Stay tuned for additional information.   
Thank you all for your patience and understanding.  To all those in our community who are sick, we wish a Refuah Shleymah.  Please do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions, or if we can be of assistance in any way.  
Frank Jacobson
Mitch Ross, MD
Linda Moskowitz, RN
Adam Schwartz, MD
Nicky Spivak
Scott Stone, RN
Cantor Dannah Rubinstein
Rabbi Zari Sussman