Gift of the Heart Membership Information

Gift of the Heart Membership Information

Our Commitment to You: At Congregation Or Tzion, we…

  • Provide a supportive, spiritual home for prayer, reflection, celebration and commemoration;
  • Create a community that enhances Jewish life, bringing members together for social, ritual, educational, and support activities;
  • Develop and implement creative programs involving members in Jewish life and values;
  • Recruit and maintain outstanding clergy, professional staff, lay leaders, and volunteers;
  • Help those in need build relationships with other religious and ethnic groups, and advocate positions consistent with our Jewish values.

Annual Gift of the Heart Commitment

“Speak to the Israelites and have them take for Me an offering. From every person whose heart inspires him to donate, you shall take My offering.” (Ex. 25:2)

Congregation Or Tzion embraces an annual commitment model of sustaining our congregation, in place of the previous financial structure, which was oriented around membership dues and religious school tuition.  We call this the Annual Gift of the Heart Commitment

In our commitment-based approach, we ask each congregant household to pledge an annual, financial contribution to sustain our congregation, based on their ability. We simply request that you contribute what you can afford. No one need ask for financial relief because of limited means or financial hardship.

Our congregation’s operating budget for fiscal year 2021-22 is $1,191,514. We have 452 congregant households.   If our expenses were shared equally, we would each be responsible for $2,636 (“Sustaining Contribution”). We know that this level of giving is not possible for everyone, and we hope those who are able to contribute above this level will do so; generosity makes this model work.

Your Annual Gift of the Heart Commitment:

  • Replaces Dues, Security Fees and the Yom Kippur Appeal
  • Includes High Holy Day seats for you and immediate family members in your household (up to age 23)
  • Includes religious school tuition for your children, if applicable
  • Does not include: b’nai mitzvah fees; capital fundraising or other fundraising opportunities; USY or Kadima; Men’s Club or Women’s League dues.

Other sources of support for our congregation are high holiday tickets sales; fundraisers such as Mishloah Manot, Apples & Honey, and Martini Night; and b’nai mitzvah training fees.

The “Sustaining Contribution” of $2,636 per household is based on our congregation’s budgeted needs to fully support our clergy, staff, programs, and facilities for this fiscal year. If you are contemplating becoming a member of Congregation Or Tzion and can afford to give more than the “Sustaining Contribution”, we ask that you do so, to help those congregants who may only be able to afford less.

The chart below provides a sense of our commitment model, including suggested minimums.  Thank you for your interest in Congregation Or Tzion.

Congregant Household Category Sustaining Contribution Suggested Minimum
Single Membership $2,636.00 $1,000
Single Membership with Children in RGRS $2,636.00 $2,200
Family Membership $2,636.00 $2,200
Family Membership with Children in RGRS   $2,636.00 $3,600

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