Gift of the Heart Frequently Asked Questions

What is Gift of the Heart?

Gift of the Heart is a simple and pragmatic annual financial commitment structure that entrusts our community to sustain Congregation Or Tzion rather than a traditional dues-based membership. The Roz Goodell Religious School will be funded primarily through tuition.

Is membership free?

No. Each congregant household is relied upon to make an annual financial contribution.

How is the sustainability amount calculated?

The amount to sustain the synagogue is the total annual operating budget, inclusive of facilities, programs, staff and services, divided by the number of congregant households.

Will congregants take advantage of the ability to choose their annual contribution commitment?

We trust the commitment of the Or Tzion community, and we are confident congregants will do what they can each year to ensure the sustained future of our synagogue.

What if I cannot afford the recommended Gift of the Heart sustaining contribution commitment?

We simply ask that you pledge at the highest level you are able, and that each year you reevaluate your financial ability to support Or Tzion.

Has Gift of the Heart been successful so far?

Yes. Our membership has increased by nearly 37% over the last four years.

Will I be asked to make other contributions to Or Tzion?

Gift of the Heart is independent of Men’s Club and Women’s League dues, youth group, and b’nai mitzvah fees. We will maintain other annual fundraising campaigns and events and always gratefully accept donations commemorating life cycle events.