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May 15-21, 2021/4-10 Sivan 5781

Judith Walton, Mother of Roger Walton; Dr. Harvey Fuller, father of Ken Fuller; Asher Selig Bien-Willner, father of George Bien-Willner; Dorothy Wolk, mother of Naomi Goodell; Celia Kanefsky, mother of Irwin Kanefsky; Asher Zelig Bien-Willner, grandfather of Veronica Lange; Melvin Kayce, father of David Kayce; Hermine Soffer, mother of Mo Garfinkle; Morris Jacobson, father of Myra Guttentag; Irene Slater, mother of Debi Schwartz; Allan Smigel, father of Howard Smigel; Daniel Graub, Father of Paula Rafal; Gertrude Kramer, mother of Toby Kramer; Max Pleasant, father of Neal Pleasant; Hyman Kaplan, brother of Loraine Carmen and uncle of Myra Alport; Sosha Bien-Willner, grandmother of George Bien-Willner; Herman Dinman, father of Beatrice Ferraro; Phil Miller, uncle of Myra Alport; Pauline Bercovitz, grandmother of Pamela Pullman; Helen Schwartz, grandmother of Adrienne Bien-Willner; Phil Miller, brother-in-law of Loraine Carmen.