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February 27 – March 5, 2021 / 15-21 Adar, 5781

Anne Hammerman, mother of Stan Hammerman; Edna Limmer, mother of Howard Limmer, grandmother of Robin Bibb; Anna Glazer, mother of Melvin Glazer; Donald Pressman, father of Howard Pressman; Martin S. Simon, father of Amy Weinstein; Sol Padwe, father of Stephen Padwe, grandfather of Melissa Wiegand; Dorothy Glaser, mother of Nancy Feiges; Joseph Ehrlich, father of Andi Minkoff; Luayne Schwartz, wife of Ed Schwartz; Max Jagerman, husband of Esther Jagerman, father of Helen Locke; Menachem Klug ben Tzipora Venatan, loved one of Bracha Etgar; Nina Schlosser, wife of Steven Schlosser; Barbara Jacobs, mother of Gina Rosenberg; Bronia Lederman, mother of Sylvia Dratler; Eugene Horwitz, son of Phillip Horwitz; George Turgel, father of Stuart Turgel; Harry Burt, father of Linda Pressman; Hyman Guttell, father of Steven Guttell; Leon Israel, father of Helen Kravitz; Norman Chasan, father of Jeff Chasan; Bess Lefstein, aunt of Geraldine Hyman; Frances Horn, mother of Barbara Zemel, grandmother of Risa Brown; Hannah Manshel, grandmother of Toby Fox; Sam Jalowiec, Grandfather  of Joshua Jalowiec; Sarah Schoenfeld, mother of Judith Zweig; Sonia Kitain, sister of Joy Tuber; Elka Zimmerman, grandmother of Sheryl Bronkesh; Harold Itkoe, father of Ellen Cheek; Isaiah Moses Benjamin, father of Moselle Benjamin; Joan Markson, wife of Michael Markson, mother of Barry Markson and Nancy Engelberg; Lois Criden, sister of Sanford Hoffman; Rose Cohen, grandmother of Robert Cohen; Samuel Karpen, father of Sandy Karpen; Seymour Scheer, father of Janet Scheer; Sherman Minkoff, husband of Andi Minkoff; Charles Abrams, father of Charles Abrams; Len Figelman, father of Diane Triester; Leonard Figelman, husband of Heather Figelman; Leonard Grossman, father of Janet Mellen; Nathan Shapiro, father of Louis Shapiro, grandfather of Beth Shapiro; Seymour Limmer, father of Howard Limmer, grandfather of Robin Bibb.