Due to COVID-19, the synagogue will be closed until further notice.  The clergy will lead Thursday morning minyanim and Shabbat Services on Friday evening and Saturday morning on live stream.  Please click on the links below for more information about our response to the virus, to link into our services and to view Rabbi’s video blog.

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March 28 – April 3, 2020 / 3-9 Nisan 5780

Abe Minkoff, father-in-law of Andi Minkoff; Sylvia Cain, mother of Jeffrey Cain; Kurt Singer, father of Dori Roth; Ira Rheingold, husband of Judith Rheingold, father-in-law of Gregg Bonn; Martin Klapman, grandfather of Jeffrey Herz; Louis Reznick, father of Richard Reznick; Stuart Teisch, father of Jessica Sharkey; Jack Graub, Grandfather of Paula Rafal; Leon King, grandfather of Linda Carboni; Joseph Goldberg, grandfather of Naomi Goodell; William Altman, grandfather of Robert Cohen; Meyer Kravitz, father of Rabbi Robert Kravitz; Chester Wright, step-father of Alan Rosenfield; Armand Schneider, brother in law of Howard Treshansky and Fredi Brown.