Due to COVID-19, the synagogue will be closed until further notice.  The clergy will lead Thursday morning minyanim and Shabbat Services on Friday evening and Saturday morning on livestream.  Please click on the links below for more information about our response to the virus and to link into our services.

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July 4-10, 2020 / 12-18 Tamuz, 5780

IN MEMORIAM: Karon Wright, mother of Alan (Alla) Rosenfield, grandmother of Samantha Rosenfield; Judith Kroe Menton, mother of Marc (Pam) Menton, grandmother of Jessica and Haley.

Gertrude Levine, mother of Nisha Chirnomas; Sam Bronkesh, Father of Sheryl Bronkesh; Gabriel Cohen, grandson of Sherry and Arnold Cohen; Harry Scheer, grandfather of Janet Scheer; Jack Sharpe, Father of David Sharpe; Jeannette Pomeraniec, mother of Linda Zell, grandmother of Steven Zell and Lauren Eisenstein; William Bycer, father of Jay Bycer; Solomon Weinzweig, father of David Weinzweig; Edna Schwartz, mother of Ed Schwartz; Helene Herz, grandmother of Jeffrey Herz; Karen Binder, mother of Abby Binder; Annette Guttell, mother of Steven Guttell; Mary Jagerman, grandmother of Helen Locke, mother-in-law of Esther Jagerman; Joel Schwartz, father of Marc Schwartz; Ralph Goldstein, grandfather of Alison Feinberg; Salomon Rabinovich, brother of Elliot Rabinovich; Sidney Breshin, father of Joel Breshin; Simon Wolk, grandfather of Naomi Goodell; Barney Friedland, father of Steven Friedland; Evelyn Weisberg, mother-in-law of Marcia Weisberg, grandmother of Sami Schwartz; Frieda Wolf, mother-in-law of Steven Schlosser; Pauline Rosenbaum, mother of Steven Rosenbaum; Rolf Lange, father of Frank Lange, grandfather of Eddie Lange.