October 16—22, 2021/10—16 Cheshvan 5782
Minnie Bycer, mother of Jay Bycer; Howard Blitt, father of Ann Zinman; and grandfather of Mark Zinman; Anna Goldberg, grandmother of Naomi Goodell; James Kamm, grandfather of Meghan Jalowiec; Joy Carol Schenk, mother of David Schenk; Marianne Kydd, sister of Madonna Cooper; Edward Greenfield, father-in-law of Joseph Barnett; Jack Tarnow, father of Michael Tarnow; Pearl Feldschreiber, mother-in-law of Marvin Finkelstein; Roslyn (Rivie) Zimmerman, mother of Karen Bakst; Beatrice Spear, mother of Barbara Helfgot; Daully Polson, mother of Roberta Wall; and grandmother of Jana Zinman; Kenneth Yoss, father of Alan Yoss; and grandfather of Ilona Bleaman; Marcie Gold, sister of Mindie Factor; Margaret Kamm, grandmother of Meghan Jalowiec; Paul Harold Cohen, father of David Cohen.