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JULY 21-28 / 9-15 Av, 5778

IN MEMORIAM: Vicki Frindell, wife of Scott Frindell, mother of Talia, Craig and Gavin, daughter of Shirley & Brian Brener.

Phil Efron, brother of David Efron; Ned Murray Grove, brother of Linda Farber; Florence Treshansky, mother of Howard Treshansky; Dotty Friedlander, mother of Gary Friedlander; Sylvia Sweet, mother-in-law of Arnold Horwitch; Rose Finkelstein, wife of Marvin Finkelstein; Myra Weinstein, niece of Robert Weinstein; Phillip Weinstein, brother of Robert Weinstein; Rosemary Weinstein, sister-in-law of Robert Weinstein; Deborah Weinstein, niece of Robert Weinstein; Lena Freedman, great-grandmother of Pam Pullman; Paul Ruderman, husband of Dianne Ruderman; Rose Gottfried, mother of Sue Kurn; Frieda Albert, mother of Gayle Weiss; Hyman Goldberg, grandfather of Missi Rosenfeld; Emil Bartos, father of Judith Wagman; Annabelle Strauss, mother of Jay Strauss; Nathan Cole, father of Sherry Cohen.