Due to COVID-19, the synagogue will be closed until further notice.  The clergy will lead Thursday morning minyanim and Shabbat Services on Friday evening and Saturday morning on livestream.  Please click on the links below for more information about our response to the virus and to link into our services.

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September 19-25, 2020 / 1-7 Tishrei, 5781

Charles Jagerman, father-in-law of Esther Jagerman, grandfather of Helen Locke; Dorothy Goldstein, mother of Neil Goldstein; Eleanor Bernstein, Mother of Rita Walton; Fred Friedman, Brother of Laura Sharpe; Rivka Bernstein, grandmother of Betty Hirsch; Solomon Feiges, father of Ike Feiges; Rose Bernstein, mother of Phyllis Epner; Joseph Binder, father of Mrs Eva Binder; Louis Albert, father-in-law of Phillip Horwitz; Rubin Elberg, father of Ilene Gross; Sara Green, Grandmother of Beth Shapiro; Eleanore Hersh, mother of Nancy Trau; Harry Glaser, father of Nancy Feiges.